3 hosting providers to highly consider for your wordpress website

The 3 best hosting providers for WordPress


$6,69/ month
  • GrowBig plan
  • Unlimited websites
  • 100% renewable energy
  • Free CDN
  • Out-of-the-box caching


$2,99/ month
  • Premium Plan
  • 100 websites
  • 100 GB storage
  • 400 000 inodes

The objective here is not to show all wordpress hosting platforms now available, but to go straight to the most efficient. This way you can save your time and take "the best" for your online business. If you find any information to update, let me know in the comment box below this page.

WordPress is an exceedingly popular website builder due to its versatility. It also has good synergy with the majority of web hosting services. WordPress will give you all the freedom you need to manage and customize your website. That is if you are using the .org version. But you naturally need a suitable WordPress hosting provider to host your website.

Good web hosting is one of the primary prerequisites for a successful website. It can help you optimize SEO and rank higher on the search results. You need to select a Web Hosting service with good synergy with WordPress to get the best result.

Deep Dive into the Top Three Web Hosting Providers

Bluehost Hosting Provider: The Best Option for Your Website

Bluehost is a web hosting service provider that’s been around for a long time. It is both reliable and affordable. Currently, it plays host to about 2 million websites across the internet. That is a significant number for a web hosting service mind you.

Bluehost started back in 2003, and it’s still going strong to this day. It managed to keep up with the technological updates and stay at the top of the rankings in its field. It has a very affordable initial service cost and superb customer support. Currently, it is one of the best choices for WordPress.

Main features of Bluehost

  • Bluehost offers many security features depending on your subscription plan. It offers a free SSL Certificate. That will provide two-way protection to both your website and your traffic.
  • You will get a free domain name for 1 year for most of Bluehost’s plans. You can later renew it once your free time is over.
  • Bluehost recently made some changes to their system which decreased the page loading time. The faster loading speed will help you keep visitors on your website.
  • Unmetered bandwidth is one of Bluehost’s best features. Very few hosting services offer this to all of their customers.
  • You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you want a refund.
  • Bluehost also synergizes very well with WordPress. It will automatically install and update the latest available version.
  • Bluehost has a one-time site transfer option. This feature comes with all of their packs, but it only works for WordPress sites. It is an amazing feature for people who already have a website.

Pros and cons

– Great average uptime
– Free anti-spam system
– Beginner-friendly interface
– Fast loading speed
– Responsive customer support
– Vibrant community
– Renewals can get a bit costly
– Many upsell during checkout process

Price table

Bluehost Online store pack offers extra features like :

  • Discount Code Generator
  • Online Appointment Booking
  • Subscription Services
  • In-Cart Product Customization
  • Local & Country Tax Management
  • Codeguard Backup Basic – Included

Siteground : Get The Power of Superhero WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is a web hosting service that ranks near the top consistently. It is a good option to check out if you are looking for a highly consistent service at a reasonable price. SiteGround even has a slightly better uptime compared to Bluehost. That in itself is an amazing feat.

SiteGround is a managed WordPress hosting provider. This service is slightly different from traditional web hosting. WordPress hosting is generally a bit better than traditional web hosting, but that also boosts the average price quite a bit.

Managed hosting will provide WordPress experts to do all your maintenance and installation tasks. They also manage updates and anything else that most people need to do. That will give you more time to focus on your content rather than the tedious details of managing your website.

Main features

  • Has an exceedingly high uptime of nearly 99.99% on average. You wouldn’t find many other hosting services that can top that. That is not a random perk either. They guarantee this high uptime on their Terms of Service.
  • Offers free SSL and Cloudflare CDN with all of their premium packages. That is a good feature since SSL is almost mandatory at this point. Some providers do not include this security feature with their packages. Which then forces people to buy a separate plugin.
  • Has optimized WordPress integration. This feature will help you manage your website with minimal hassle. You would also get the option to do things manually with more options if you want to manage things from a developer’s perspective.
  • Recently introduced their Anti-Bot AI. It is a security feature that comes with all of their packages. This AI security helps block millions of brute force attacks on the server every hour.
  • SiteGround Migrator is a DIY plugin for website migration. It is a bit like the website transfer feature of Bluehost. It is a manual process, but the interface is beginner-friendly so anyone can use it.

Pros and cons

– Good uptime
– Decent speed
– Unlimited traffic
– Expert support
– Slightly expensive the second year of renewal

Price table or anything useful

To sum up, Siteground is well known for its excellent customer support and wordpress tools like Siteground optimizer to speed up your website in a few clicks. Interested in Siteground hosting ? Choose your pack now.

Hostinger : Top Quality, Affordable Hosting

Affordable and Top quality do not sound like they belong in the same sentence, but that isn’t the case with Hostinger. It has the cheapest starting price among the premium web hosting services so far.

Most people expect to see minimal functionality when they see something too cheap. But Hostinger upholds quality even while staying at an affordable range. It has a slightly better average speed than behemoths like SiteGround.

Overall, it is a great option for just about anyone. Your website visitors have zero clue about what host you use. Their only concern lies with speed and stability, which Hostinger provides well.

Main features

  • Has a built-in website builder for people who do not want to go to multiple places. It is a one-stop website hosting platform. Their website builder has an amazing collection of templates and customization options.
  • Supports the LiteSpeed cache feature. That is a nifty little option that will help maximize your speed. You can find it under the cache manager.
  • Has arguably the most modern user interface among all the web hosts in this range. It comes with an exceedingly beginner-friendly interface. That is perfect for bloggers and casual people who just want to get their content out.
  • It has an auto-installer for WordPress and an SEO toolkit. These can help you set up your WordPress for optimal performance.
  • You would get unlimited storage and bandwidth with the premium plans. That can be very helpful if you are a power user. The beginner plan is a bit underwhelming though. You will only get 10GB of storage and bandwidth with that one. But it should be enough for most casual people.

Pros and cons

– High uptime consistency
– Good speed
– Affordable price range
– A few exceptions in the refund policy

Price table or anything useful

The main difference between the 3 packs are Inodes and RAM available :

  • Unit price : 200K inodes / 768 MB
  • Premium price : 400K inodes / 1024 MB
  • Business price : 600K inodes / 1536 MB

To see more features for Hostinger, click here.

To conclude , what you need to know

Selecting the right WordPress hosting provider is crucial if you want to optimize your website traffic. Sometimes getting the most expensive package is not the answer. Compare multiple providers and select the pack that fits your requirements the best.

We personally use Siteground which really rocks. However its price is quite expensive and we often face to Inodes alerts. Hostinger grows really fast and has great features, however its user panel should be improved. To conclude my first choice is definitely Bluehost that has very few Cons and offers great services.

Hostgator, WPengine, and Greengeeks deserve an honorable mention too. These web hosting service providers are also at the top of their game. So if you do not find one of those 3 hostings, I highly recommend that you check them out too.

Frequently asked questions

I hope this will help you choosing your WordPress hosting provider. If you want to share your feedback, please drop me a line in the comment line below

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