3 essential tools for website analytics

Overview of the best website analytics solutions

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Simple analytics

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  • No cookie
  • Encrypted datas
  • Bypasses ad-blockers

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Visitor analytics

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  • No cookie
  • EU data storage
  • Create heatmap
We do not discuss about all the website analytics tools available, we go straight to the most efficient. This way you can save your time and take "the best" for your online business. Let me know in the comment box below this page if you find any content to update.

Boosting your business can only be beneficial when there is feedback. Being able to know how you are progressing so as to improve. You could want to have feedback on your job or performance of your website. Using a tool to assess the achievement of your website can greatly improve it, increase quality and performance. However, using a quality analytics tool will procure results and evidences that are useful for the advancement of your business.

Web analytics is not only limited to measuring traffic, but useful in the optimization of web management through making available web data reports, measuring, collecting and analyzing data, enabling easy market research as well as evaluation and improving the efficiency of a website.

In this article we will examine three vital tools every business should have at their disposal for effective website analyses.

Let’s dive in every website analytics solution

Fathom :

Fathom is a Canadian company with a powerful privacy strength and policy that revolutionizes web analytics and considered without compromise and an alternative to Google analytics. It offers simple web analytics, analytics for agencies, for bootstrappers, European companies and privacy-focused analytics. It prides itself a privacy-first business and has sustainably provided website analytics to customers.

More Fathom features :

After three years of being operational, it has had billions of pageviews, served thousands of customers, yet sold no data. Below are some of the many features the platform has.

  • Protects the privacy of customers and clients who visit your website
  • It is not blocked by many browsers nor plugins, therefore, you can have all your data from visitors. This is possible by the fact that Fathom has devised a strategy to bypass ad-blockers, this way, all analytics data are visible even when people use ad-blockers.
  • Your data can be exported in an understandable CVS format whenever need be as Fathom does not put any obstacles.
  • No cookies: Cookies often slow down speed of websites, not to mention the consent banner that usually pups up. All these are absent with Fathom, who do not use cookies to collect analytics data related to privacy.
  • A simple to use dashboard: Apt decision-making possibility as from there you have real-time information on what pages are popular, which campaigns are going well, best-selling products, and who is increasing website traffic.

All data can be seen on one page, and you can easily filter

Pros and cons

– They have an anonymous page view tracking system does not collect or store personal data
– 25% of commission is paid for life under a referral program
– Fathom does not have embarrassing cookie notices that makes user-experience annoying
– Fast script due to an embedded code that offers better SEO.
– Respects international robust privacy laws that protects clients and visitors
– Easy to use software and produces analytics that are easy to understand
– Used by notorious companies like IBM, Fastmail, GitHub, banks, governments around the world, Premier League football clubs, etc. who trust Fathom with their privacy
– One cannot host data locally
– It is not yet possible to import Google Analytics into Fathom and one cannot connect Fathom to Google Search Console.

Fathom pricing

Fathom.com comes with a 7 day trial period. If you take a yearly pack, you can save 30%. And… get a $10 discount on your first invoice by clicking on our partner link : Fathom.com.

Simple analytics :

Simple Analytics as its name indicates is a user-friendly privacy-focused analytics tool that share common threads as Fathom. So, the tool does not use cookies nor collect personal data, does not sell your data, but charges for the analytics made. In the form of original tweets, the tool provides essential information to you- information related to referrers, screen sizes, page views as well as top pages.

Main features of Simple analytics

The tools offer a lot of features to maintain its reputation of being reliable, easy to use and understand. Find some of them below:

  • Clients can receive email reports on their analytics in the frequency they choose. These emails are sent with relevant attachments and are not tracked in whatsoever way.
  • A public dashboard is available to view live example of how the analytics tool works
  • You can play with the filters on the dashboard to find specific information.
  • It has the functionality “Do Not Track”, which permits visitors to choose if their page views can be collected or not, but by default the platform does not collect this data.
  • You can hide referral spam in your dashboard with just some few clicks.
  • It has integrated mini websites that replaces the use of referral links so as to make the experience beautiful.
  • It has Google Analytics importer in the dashboard that enables the importation of Google Analytics 4 properties and its Universal Analytics properties
  • The interface is easy to understand with a great oversight of your website’s performance.
  • The interface equally supports dark mode for easy use at night or for those who want to use the feature.
  • Clients can add DNS settings as well as link a custom subdomain to the platform
  • Blocking your own visit recording is equally possible. With an extension installed, it helps you not to include your visits in your stats.
  • The embedded chart in your site shows your customized public website statistics

Pros and cons

– Data is always encrypted
– No credit card needed for transactions
– The tool does not collect and store visitors’ data, as well as cookies, IP addresses, timestamps, user agents
– Easy to use. In one or two clicks, all information can be made available
– The tool bypasses ad-blockers and do not track visitors
– Can download your data in a CVS format for further management.
– Relatively expensive

Simple analytics pricing

Simple Analytics software offers 2 months for free if you decide to subscribe for a year. Get your access to Simple Analytics now.

Visitor analytics :

The last, but most likely the preferred analytical tool in our list is the Visitor Analytics. This tool has been used in about 190 countries by over 2 million times. It is an all-in-one solution for any type of website and its features are compliant in 100% with GDPR-/CCPA. It offers a variety of solutions which comprises website statistics (perform web audits to improve online presence), user behavior analysis, visitor feedback, data protection and privacy.

Main features of Visitor analytics

Located in Germany and Romania, Visitor Analytics is said to be one of the world leading analytics tools that has ground breaking feature that enable its clients to know exactly how their websites are doing with the availability meaningful data they provide, which then allows sustainability and strategic decision-making. This is by providing features like visitor interaction modules, advanced web stats, behavior and user experience stats. More features include;

  • Real-time information on audience activities and the audience themselves permitting you to have a good understanding of who they are.
  • Valuable data on the performance of your pages on your website, thereby giving information on the type of content visitors spend time on, what content gets them on your website and where they exit.
  • Creation and integration of surveys and pools on any page of your site to enable visitors express themselves
  • Gives understanding on what your visitors use in navigating your website. The hardware information include device type, screen resolutions, operating systems and browsers.
  • Know the status and performance of campaigns by providing insights on web page analytics.
  • Offers tracking of visitors’ actions and events. This means the number of views on a page, image or/and button clicks, etc.
  • Record of what s clicked on your website, how visitors scroll and the movement of mouse
  • Possibility of creating heatmaps that allow you to know which places has little or more interactions

Pros and cons

– Great feedback mechanism for visitors to help you improve or know their thoughts
– Are data sensitive and have pledged to legislations regulating data protection and privacy
– Rating of 4.8/5 on most platforms
– Easy to use layout and produces a lot of information that is really helpful
– With its analytics one can understand their market or audience fully
– Some user complain of having to go into incognito mode so as to avoid some problems with cookies
– Has limited features compared to Google Analytics

Visitor analytics pricing

Visitor Analytics has a free version that includes 400 visits per month. Try Visitor Analytics now.

As a conclusion…

Website analytics have shown to be a necessity for all business, organizations or individuals who want to understand what they are doing, how far they are going and what perspective their audience has of their contents, services and/or products. The above mentioned three web analytics companies have proven to be unique, each in its own way, even though they have some features in common- rigorous privacy policies, easy-to-use and understand dashboards and data respectively.

Frequently asked questions

I hope this will help you choosing your great google analytics alternative to understand your web traffic. If you want to share your feedback, please drop me a line in the comment line below

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