Best WordPress Website Translators: Translatepress Vs Weglot

Sum up of Best WordPress Website Translators

Free version available on wordpress repository


99/ year
  • Cloud based service
  • Automatic Translation
  • SEO Translation
  • Easy To Use

Trail version available

The objective here is not to show all the tools available to translate a website, but to go straight to the most efficient. This way you can save your time and take "the best" for your online business.

WordPress website translators can be extremely beneficial for businesses and individuals who wish to communicate their message to a global audience. By using a WordPress website translator, you can easily translate your website into multiple languages, making it accessible to people from all over the world. WordPress website translators have a huge impact on the growth of your website and its success.

However, there are several things to think through when opting for the best WordPress website translator for your needs. You definitely don’t need the one that is not effective, right? Two of the most popular options are TranslatePress and Weglot. Both plugins offer great features and options for translating your WordPress site.

According to a research, only 20% of people worldwide can speak and read English. And if you miss to translate your website to other languages, you might lose potential customers.

TranslatePress is an open-source translation management plugin for WordPress and Weglot is a multilingual plugin for WordPress, designed so that anyone can easily translate their website without having to install any additional software or service. However, there are some key differences between the two that you should be aware of before making your final decision.

Let’s dive deeper into best wordpress translators

Everything You Need to Know About TranslatePress

Translatepress is a powerful translation plugin that helps you translate your WordPress site into multiple languages. It is quite convenient and comes with a lot of features that make it a great choice for translating your WordPress site. Want a demo ? Check bestforblogger website, because we use this plugin !

Main features

  • Easy to use interface: It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to translate your WordPress site into multiple languages.
  • Automatic translation: It automatically translates your content into the language of your choice thanks to Google Translate or DeepL (in the paid version).
  • WPML compatibility: It is compatible with the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML), making it easy to translate your WordPress site into multiple languages.
  • Translation management: It comes with a translation management system that allows you to easily manage your translations.
  • Translation memory: It automatically saves your translations in a translation memory, making it easy to reuse them in future translations.
  • Professional translation: It offers professional translation services that can help you translate your WordPress site into multiple languages.
  • Support for RTL languages: It supports right-to-left (RTL) languages, making it easy to translate your WordPress site into RTL languages.
  • Multilingual SEO: It comes with multilingual SEO features that help you optimize your WordPress site for multiple languages.
  • Customizable: It is highly customizable, allowing you to customize the plugin to suit your needs.
  • Free: It has a free plugin that is available for download from the WordPress plugin repository.

Pros and cons

– No need to hire a translator – TranslatePress can use automatic machine translation to translate your content
– TranslatePress is constantly being updated with new features and improvements
– +220 languages supported
– Manual translation by html block. It can take time to translate a post.
– If you’re using WordPress multisite, TranslatePress unfortunately isn’t compatible. You’ll need to use a different translation plugin or service for your multisite network.

Price table

Translatepress offers great features for a reasonable price. Grab it now ! (14 days money-back guarantee)


Weglot is one of the top translation tools that helps you translate your website into any language. It has many features that make it a great choice for website translation.

Main features

  • Automatic Translation: Weglot automatically translates your website into any language you choose. This is a brilliant feature if you want to quickly translate your website into multiple languages.
  • Human Translation service: Weglot also offers human translation services.
  • SEO Translation: Weglot offers SEO translation services.
  • Easy to Use: Weglot is easy to use and can be quickly installed on your website.

Pros and cons

– Weglot is easy to use and only takes a few minutes to set up.
– Weglot provides high-quality translations, performed by professional translators.
– It offers a wide range of features, including automatic language detection, SEO optimization, and the ability to add your own custom translations.
– Weglot integrates with all major CMS, such as WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace.
– Weglot doesn’t offer any way to preview your translated site before it goes live – so you could end up with some embarrassing mistakes if you’re not careful.
– Weglot doesn’t currently support right-to-left languages (like Arabic or Hebrew), so if your site needs to be translated into one of these languages, you’ll need to find another solution.
– Weglot is a paid service that becomes too expensive for websites with huge quantity of content

Price table

Want to let Weglot manage your website translation ? Join now.

So What is the Key Difference Between TranslatePress and Weglot?

Pros and cons

Cloud base service
Its price depends on the words you translate 
It provides you with an API key
It translates your website in real-time
Automatic and manual translation available
Self hosted translation tool
It has a free version with minimal features
It doesn’t need an API key
It generates static files
Automatic and manual translation available

Tips to Use TranslatePress

  • Download and install the plugin.
  • To add a new language, go to Settings > General > Site Language and select the Add New Language button.
  • A pop-up will appear where you can opt for your new language from a drop-down list. Once you select your language, click the Add button.
  • Your new language will now in the list of available languages.
  • To translate your content, go to the post or page you want to translate and click the Translate Page button in the WordPress editor.
  • A new tab will open up in the WordPress editor where you can select the language you want to translate your content into.
  • Once you select your language, you can start translating your content (automatic translation available).
  • When you are finished translating your content, click the Save & Close button.
  • Your content will now be translated into the language you selected.

Tips to Use Weglot

  • Choose the languages you want to translate your website into. Weglot offers over 100 language options.
  • Choose how you want to translate your website. You can either use the Weglot Translate plugin or the Weglot API.
  • If you use the Weglot Translate plugin, install and activate it on your WordPress site. Then, go to the Weglot settings page and enter your API key.
  • If you use the Weglot API, sign up for a free API key. Then, follow the instructions on the Weglot API documentation page to integrate the API into your website.
  • Once you have integrated the Weglot API or plugin into your website, all of your content will be automatically translated into the languages you selected. You can then edit the translations if you need to.

As a conclusion…

We hope you enjoyed this article about translating WordPress websites. Both Translatepress and Weglot are great services for translating WordPress websites.

Because Weglot is a cloud based, its price depends on the number of words you want to translate. In others words, your translated texts are delivered by Weglot servers (not your server). Weglot is very intuitive tool with a great set up.

Translatepress paid version is used on this website because its price is not related to the number of characters, and because it offers a great DeepL integration for machine translation.

Each has their own pros and cons, but both are good options. You just need to opt for the one that fits with your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Thanks to one of the tools above your website will grab international audience. If you want to share your feedback, please drop me a line in the comment line below.

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