3 best email finder tools you should focus on

Sum up of my best email finder tools

Special offer : 30% with a yearly plan


$39/ month
  • API
  • Email verifier
  • Drip campaign

Special offer : 2 months free in a yearly plan


$50/ month
  • Chrome extension
  • Outreach integration
  • Pay as-you-go option
The objective here is not to show all the email finder tools now available, but to go straight to the most efficient. This way you can save your time and take "the best" for your online business. If you find any information to update, let me know in the comment box below this page.

Effective lead generation requires the best email finder tools. Moreso, an important part of doing business is reaching out to potential customers. Besides, finding the right tool to do this can be overwhelming because you need a software tool with exactly what you need.

Many email finder tools available today may not give you the desired results. But, we’ve come up with the most effective ones to help meet your marketing needs and grow your business. 

An email finder tool is a tool that helps you find the email addresses of a person or business across different web pages. Many email finders operate as chrome extensions, web apps, or both.

A deep look into each email finder tool

Hunter.io : A complete and easy to use email finder tool

Hunter.io, also known as Email Hunter, is a tool that helps you access a Business’ domain contact information. It can also be used for email verification and other bulk tasks.

Recently, hunter.io incorporated campaigns to allow users to do outreach directly in the app and upload the contact information to another CRM. 

Hunter.io is a tool that every brand should have because it is a very affordable and convenient way of generating leads.

In addition, it features a search tool that helps you find a company’s owner, start a conversation with them and establish a relationship. 

For instance, you can use the search tool to find the head of sales of a particular company. 

All you have to do is type in the company’s domain in the search box, and a result will pop up showing the name, email, phone number, social media links, and position of the individual.

Hunter.io also features the email finder feature. It is similar to a search function, but you will have to enter a person’s name and the domain name to find out if it’s real. As a result, it saves you hours spent of manual search.

Main features of Hunter.io

  • A domain search function helps you find a company’s or domain’s email addresses and export the results into your CRM or as a spreadsheet.
  • Email finder functionality to help you find the email or correct contact information of a particular person through their first name, company name, domain name, or last name.
  • Chrome extension, Google Sheet-Add-On, and Bulk Author Finder help you find journalists, bloggers, online authors or writers, and their contact information. 
  • Email verifier option to help determine if an email is valid and prevent it from bouncing back
  • The leads feature helps you save emails as leads and manage them. You can also import them or add them manually.
  • Confidence score feature also helps to check the validity of email addresses
  • Several Bulk tools such as Bulk Email Verifier, Bulk Domain Searches, Bulk Author Finder, and Bulk Email Finder help you create targeted email lists faster.
  • Hunter Campaigns functionality to help you send personalized cold emails 
  • Gmail integration feature enables you to integrate with different online tools and reach out to new emails or existing leads.
  • The Firefox add-on and Chrome extension feature help you find email addresses, social networks, and names of professionals who own the websites as you browse. 
  • Google Sheets Add-on feature helps you save every email information you’ve collected on a single sheet in your Google Drive while also helping you to arrange searches from A – Z in your spreadsheets. 
  • Hunter MailTracker Chrome extension to help you track emails.
  • Hunter TechLookup feature helps you discover e-commerce businesses and the particular technologies they use in running their website too.

Pros and cons

– Easy to use
– Quite affordable
– Effective Chrome extension
– Great for finding contact addresses
– A bit pricey
– Can’t perform a search or get emails on social media

Hunter price table

Hunter.io comes with a free plan option. You can get 50 emails and 50 email verifications with it. Get it on hunter.io now.

Snov.io : A great alternative to Hunter

Snov.io is another easy-to-use awesome tool for your email marketing needs. This email finder tool helps you search for company’s email addresses, domain, or other contact information using the Chrome extension. 

In addition, it also helps you verify email addresses, send email campaigns and monitor their performance.

With Snov.io, finding leads takes only a few minutes. Besides, this email finder tool works in many ways, including helping to track multiple domains (up to 20,000) at a time.

When conducting a company profile search with snov.io, all you need is the industry, country, specialty, and other key features that could help you find the company and individuals you’re targeting.

This way, you can have access to the email addresses of the people who work there, and you’d get the right contact in no time.

Also, it features a Social URL search whereby you can upload a list of URLs to the social profiles of professionals to generate a list of email addresses. 

Additionally, Snov.io has monthly subscriptions that come in four different packages. These packages are designed according to the specific needs of businesses. So, you can choose any package that meets your company’s needs and according to the size of your business.

Main features of Snov.io

  • Triggers feature helps to monitor email opens, and link clicks to enable you to determine the next step in your automation process. 
  • The technology verifier feature helps you review software, CMS tools, eCommerce, and web frameworks your potential clients are using. 
  • Unlimited email tracker feature helps send reminders on following up a prospect. It also sends real-time notifications for clicked links and opened mails.
  • Email Finder option helps you locate investors, influencers, and venture capitalists who can promote your brand and grow your business.
  • It makes your hiring process much easier because you can quickly find the right candidate for the job. You will also have lots of talent to choose from and fill vacant positions faster.
  • The email verifier feature helps you upload a list of unverified emails to verify them. You can keep a clean email list and reduce your bounce rate with this.
  • The Email Drip Campaign feature can help you send emails automatically, reducing the stress of sending emails manually and wasting time.
  • It features an API to help you integrate your email search into your CRM or app.
  • Can provide an extensive result of a prospect’s social media profile, location, name, job position, and company information
  • Features prospect list export that works with Google Sheets formats, XLSX, and CSV

Pros and cons

– Keeps your email list organized
– Email tracker
– Technology checker
– Free plan with loads of premium features
– More affordable
– Automates follow-ups and email outreach
– Extensive knowledge base
– Integrations, export, and credits are limited on the free plan
– Doesn’t generate email list from Facebook

Snov price table

Value your email outreach? Buy an annual plan and enjoy 12 months’ cover at the price of 10 months! Get it on snov.io now.

Wiza.co : Pay-as-you-go your email finder

Wiza.co is an email finder tool that helps businesses automate email lead generation through LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

This AI tool helps you determine lead emails and export lead data in your CSV. Therefore, it is a quick and efficient way of quickly building your email list for your marketing campaign or hiring process.

With many potential customers on LinkedIn, manually reaching out can be time-consuming and stressful. Wiza makes your work easier through the use of tags and keyword searches. 

It also helps organize your email list by categorizing them into Valid Email, Unreachable Email, People, and Risky. 

As a result, you can easily identify verified leads and improve your marketing campaigns. You can also filter your email search results by industry, title, location, etc. 

In addition, Wiza has been recently integrated with other important tools like Outreach, Salesforce, etc. So, you can now send your list of leads directly to these tools. 

Main features of Wiza.co

  • Extracting potential customers data through LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Find prospects in minutes and add them to your campaigns instantly through the Outreach integration feature
  • Get only verified emails, and you won’t have to worry about bounced mails
  • Provides detailed information about a potential customer
  • Wiza tag feature ensures automatic tag of leads
  • Easy payment system to help any size of business or individuals get the emails lists they need
  • The Wiza support feature helps businesses update recipient status under Clicked, Opened, Bounced, Reached, or Responded for easy follow-up.

Pros and cons

– Free trial
– Chrome extension with 20 free email export
– Easy export of verified email addresses to a CRM or
CSV from the LinkedIn Sales Navigator
– No refund policy
– Result quality needs improvement
– Quite expensive

Wiza price table

Wiza.co offers you a pay-as-you-go plan for only $0.15 per valid email and a monthly/annual subscription with a free trial. Get your free trial on wiza.co now.

As a conclusion…

Hunter.io is an amazing email finder tool that helps you with lead generation, email verification, and crawling contact information. So, it is our top choice on our list of email finder tools.

Hunter.io is great in many ways. First, it’s a great addition to your outreach strategy and helps you hire the best talent.

Second, the domain search function helps you get information about individuals and businesses. 

Third, you can send bulk and personalized cold emails to potential customers. Lastly, the plans are very affordable, and you can use them with other tools for easy email export. It also comes with a free version that you can try or pay for the premium cover.

Similarly, Snov.io is an excellent tool too. Both tools help to make your lead generation strategy much easier and faster. 

Hunter.io and Snov.io are wonderful tools that help businesses and individuals generate email lists at a very affordable cost. They save you from wasting hours on a manual search for potential customers or talents for your business.

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I hope this will help you choosing an email finder tool that suits your needs. If you want to share your feedback, please drop me a line in the comment line below

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