My Top 3 Tools to Send a Successful Cold Email Campaign

Sum up of my best cold email tools


$60/ month
  • API
  • Email Cadences
  • Mail Merge
  • Gmail PLugin


$49/ month
  • 500 Searches
  • 5 Email Accounts Integration
  • 1,000 Verifications
  • Images Attachments

The objective here is not to show all the tools available to execute a cold email campaign, but to go straight to the most efficient. This way you can save your time and take "the best" for your online business. If you find any information to update, let me know in the comment box below this page.

Let’s dive deeper into each cold email software

Woodpecker: the one we use most and highly recommend for the best cold email campaigns

The Woodpecker cold emailing software is a powerful tool that enables businesses to reach out to potential customers through email. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create and send emails. The software includes many features and one of the best is the warm-up option. It also tracks the results of the email campaign so businesses can see how well their efforts are performing. This helps businesses to optimize their campaigns and improve their chances of making a sale.

Main features

  • Cold Email Personalization
  • Powerful Tracking For Emails (Open Rate, Click Through Rate, Sent, Delivered)
  • Manual Email Marking Options
  • Efficient Follow-Ups
  • Email Automation
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Lead Nurturing, Scoring & Prospecting Tools
  • Easy Campaign Handling
  • Snippet-Based Conditions
  • Contact List Integration

Pros and cons

  • User-Friendly
  • Fast & Convenient Setup And Contact Integration
  • Fully Automated A/B Testing
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report Tracking
  • Strong Security Measures
  • No Email Attachment Options
  • Works As A Separate Inbox
  • Expensive For Small Businesses And Startups

Price table

 Woodpecker offers a 14-day free trial to for all its plans. Visit now.


Klenty is one of the most used sales engagement software with most meetings booked and replies received after campaigns. Businesses vastly use this tool for their sales outreach. It allows you to send personalized and automated sales e-mail and follow-ups. According to many marketers and sales teams, it is powerful and affordable at the same time.

Klenty enables teams to develop more systematic and sustainable sales outreach programs that puts the sales team on an autopilot mode with awesome customer support and ROIs. With Klenty as your cold email campaign manager you will get more opens, CTRs, and new connections than ever before.

The best thing about Klenty is that it accelerates your CRM and replaces boring repetitive work into data-driven, impactful activities. It can integrate with several CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and more, for a customized outreach channel.

Main features

  • Automated Contact Uploads
  • Coaching Manuals For Optimized And Automated Campaigns
  • Cross-Platform Engagement
  • Personalized & Scheduled Emails
  • Instant Engagement With Interested Prospects
  • Conversations Show Up Directly On CRM
  • Outreach Directly Through CRM­­­
  • A/B Testing With Free Templates
  • Team Reports
  • Metric Comparison For Each Cadence
  • Automated Admin Work
  • Automated CRM
  • Auto-Reply, Reply, & Bounce Detection
  • Auto-Import Google Sheets And CRMS
  • Custom Domain Tracking
  • Cadence Throttle

Pros and cons

– Easy-To-Use
– Responsive
– Substantially Smooth UI
– Integrates With Multiple Frameworks
Completely Automated Functions
– CRM Integration For Automated Workflow
120+ Cold Email Templates
-No Email Warmups
– No Spam Test Reports
– Limited Features For Agencies
– Only One-Click Reports & Single Sign on
– No Email Validations
– Quite Expensive For Small Business

Price table

See all the features on Klenty website, click here.

Hunter is a cloud based software that provides businesses with professional email addresses, domains, and more. The software also comprises of a cold email campaign feature that allows you to run email campaigns directly from The best thing about Hunter is that it has a free package and is incredibly easy-to-use for all. It allows recruiters, sales teams, & marketing professionals outreach to prospects and clients with simple but powerful features.

Hunter prepares cold emails, follow-ups and campaigns and lets you personalize each message for the best outcomes. When using Hunter for cold email campaigns, you only need to focus on content and prospects while Hunter deals with the rest.

With some industry leading features, Hunter’s cold email campaigns are also loved by many. Take a look at the main features this tool has to offer.

Main features

  • Complete Personalization
  • E-Mail Scheduling
  • E-Mail Tracking
  • Multiple Free Templates
  • Multiple Account Integration
  • Custom Attributes

Pros and cons

– Bulk E-Mail Verifications
– Email Automation
– Easy-To-Use
– Accurate E-Mail Addresses
– Lead Management
– Optimization
– Free Templates
– Affordable For Small Businesses
– Limited Numbers And Titles
– Slow UI
– Only Works With Gmail Or Outlook

Price table

Save 30% on yearly subscriptions for all packages. Subscribe to Hunter now.

As a conclusion…

Each cold email software has its own features, pros and cons with cold email campaign as the core feature. But, with close comparison, Woodpecker is my #1 choice for the most successful cold email campaigns. The best thing about this tool is that it easily detects email replies, automates the call and responses through Calendly. Secondly, it allows you to A/B test all your email messages before you run the campaign. You can even send follow-ups in the same threads to keep them relevant. And the multi-channel sales outreach works as a cherry on top.

Besides Woodpecker, Klenty and Hunter are also among my top tools for cold email marketing. But they tend to be pricier when compared to Woodpecker. However, the free version of works great for marketers, startups, and small businesses until they are ready to make some investments.

Frequently asked questions

I hope you will be able to send non spammy email campaign with one of the tools above. If you want to share your feedback, please drop me a line in the comment line below.

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