Know The Best Ways To Build Sales Funnel With WordPress In 2022

Sum up of the best ways to build sales funnel with wordpress


$239/ Annual
  • Great support team
  • Premium templates
  • Optimized checkout
  • Order bump, upsell, downsell

30 day Money Back Guarantee


$97/ Annual
  • Visual drag & drop
  • Detailed funnel analytics
  • Premade Templates
  • Order bump, upsell, downsell

15-day money-back guarantee


$179/ Annual
  • Lead capture
  • Funnel automation
  • Broadcast emails
  • Order bum, upsell, downsell

14-day money-back guarantee

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It can be challenging to find the leads you need. A strong sales funnel is vital for converting leads into paying customers, but it’s important not to let this get you down. It might feel like a daunting task to set up a sales funnel, but as long as you collect the necessary ingredients and use your imagination, it can actually be quite fun moving towards making your business objectives become a reality one piece of solution at a time!

Not many WordPress users are familiar with the term sales funnel, and that’s understandable. Even marketers often throw it around as though most people already know what a sales funnel is – but that doesn’t mean the concept is easy to grasp, even for professionals. Funnels can be thought of as giant machines with hundreds of cogs that all revolve around one mechanism in order to create results that were not possible before the machine was created.

According to a research, 95% of your first-time visitors are not ready to purchase from your website right away. They need more from you! Make yourself credible enough to win their trust. And that’s what a sales funnel does for you. The more you understand about them, the better you’ll be able to utilize this amazing marketing tool when working on your WordPress site.

The process of buying a product and moving visitors through your sales funnel is a critical part of your business. The better you are able to manage this process in your WordPress site, the better your business will do.

So What are the Best Sales Funnel Builders?

While there are a lot of choices when it comes to this technology, the ones that really stand out are Cartflows, WPFunnels, and WooFunnels. These three companies have been around for a long time and have constantly evolved to stay on top of the sales funnel building technology curve.

Let’s dive deeper into best ways to build sales funnel


Cartflows is a powerful tool that allows you to create and manage your sales funnel processes directly within your WordPress site. By using Cartflows, you can easily create complex sales funnels without having to worry about the technical details. One of the important things about Cartflows is that it integrates directly with your WooCommerce store. This means that you can use Cartflows to manage your entire sales funnel process, from start to finish.

There’s more to CartFlows than simply having amazing checkout and sales pages. You can use CartFlows in so many other ways including creating product launch campaigns, converting more leads, increasing engagement via its lead magnet creation abilities, setting up a 2-step tripwire funnel if you need an increase in your list size quickly for example! Other than these clever marketing tricks, CartFlows is equipped with several advanced features that help your company excel at all of this which directly results in increased sales and conversions.

Main features

  • Use On up-to 30 Websites
  • Build Unlimited Funnels
  • Premium Templates
  • Conversion Optimized Checkout
  • Checkout Offers
  • One Click Order Bump
  • One Click Upsell & Downsell
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Dynamic Offers
  • Canvas Mode
  • Modern Checkout
  • Checkout Takeover
  • Top Notch Support
  • Amazing User Community
  • Great Documentation & Video Tutorials

Pros and cons

– Integrates with WordPress
– Support team
– Unlimited number of funnels
– Quite expensive regarding competitors

Price table

The software offers the most affordable SEO plans that are designed to help you improve your online visibility and attract more customers. View their pricing


WPfunnels is an open source plugin for WordPress which allows you to create sales funnels for your e-commerce site, or any other kind of project. You can use simple drag-and-drop editing tools to build and launch your sales funnel – an excellent product from a great team that we highly recommend using.

It simplifies funnel building and engagement by giving users a smooth and easy to use experience without having a ton of technical expertise. It also comes with tons of features that give you the perfect freedom to create your own pathways to delight customers!

Main features

  • Visual Drag & Drop Funnel Builder
  • Order Bump Offers At The Checkout
  • One-click Upsell & Downsell Offers
  • Pre-made Funnel Templates
  • Conditional Steps Control
  • Multisite Compatible
  • Global Funnels For WooCommerce
  • Popular WordPress Page Builders Support
  • Detailed Funnel Analytics
  • Opt-in Form For Lead Generation
  • Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, UTM
  • FluentCRM Integration

Pros and cons

– Super easy interface
– Lead capture form
– Affordable solutions

Price table

WPFunnels’ is among the most competitive SEO software. It offers affordable yet comprehensive SEO solutions that make it the right choice for SEO professionals.


WooFunnels is an India based WordPress company. It is the most intuitive and affordable way to enable your WordPress site to perform as a highly converting sales funnel, helping it get you quality leads with maximum conversions. The free version of WooFunnels currently has eleven pre-built templates that have been designed so that they can blend in with any kind or style of website or blog, and work on all devices.

With WooFunnels, you can have highly customizable templates for each step of the funnel. Everything is streamlined and tested to be effective on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. By using the no-coding sales page thinking that the tool provides, you will not only be able to collect more leads for your business but also increase your order value. This software combines powerful features like CRMs along with other eCommerce automation tools that are proven to help boost revenue.

In a nutshell, WooFunnels works by helping you create, track, and optimize your marketing funnel campaigns. It is designed to increase your conversion rates and boost your sales.

Main features

  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Optimized Checkout Pages
  • One-Click Upsell & Downsells
  • Order Bumps
  • A/B Testing
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Cart Abandonment Tracking
  • Contacts Reporting
  • Deep Analytics
  • Ready to Use Templates
– Can sell multiple order bumps
– Supports split testing for funnels
– Time checkout expiry feature

Price table

The pricing plans of WooFunnels are very much affordable and are designed according to the needs of the customers. You can also get a 14 days free trial before deciding to buy the plan.

As a conclusion…

Is Sales Funnel Builder Crucial for my Website?

Sales funnel builder is a necessary tool for any website that wants to increase conversion rates and improve the user experience. By allowing website visitors to easily navigate through the purchase process, sales funnel builder can help increase sales and improve the overall user experience.

Wrap Up

A sales funnel is a marketing tactic that will help you to build a relationship with your customers and boost the odds of making a successful sale. Sales funnel builders are a dime a dozen these days. However, not all of them are created equal. Some are better than others, and some are just downright bad. You need to make wise decision while opting for the one that fits with your project.

Regarding these best wordpress funnel plugins, as you can read, they offer almost the same main features. I think the main difference for you consists in watching their pricing plan and choose the best for you regarding your needs and your budget.

Frequently asked questions

I hope you will be able to improve your sales rate with one of the tools above. If you want to share your feedback, please drop me a line in the comment line below.

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