Best SEO Plugins for WordPress (and alternatives to yoast)

Sum up of The Best SEO Plugins

Free plan available


$99/ Year
  • Powerful Sitemaps
  • Social Media Integration
  • Smart Schema Markup
  • Local SEO Module


$49/ year
  • Add custom breadcrumbs
  • Prevent 404 errors
  • Global product identifiers
  • No Code required in White Label

Free plan available

The objective here is not to show all the tools available to improve your ranking in the search engines, but to go straight to the most efficient. This way you can save your time and take "the best" for your online business. If you find any information to update, let me know in the comment box below this page.

One of the biggest sources of traffic for a website is a search engine. Being suggested a list of websites for a certain query is now only possible with SEO work. And good SEO can only be done with the help of various tools and plugins. Here, we explore a few of the top WordPress SEO plugins that can elevate your website across major search engines.

Rank Math

With the power to analyze your website within mere seconds, the plugin that is most preferred for search engine optimization for WordPress is Rank Math. Its ease of usage makes it perfect for a beginner, while its advanced features cater to all SEO experts. This is possible due to one of its built-in suggestion feature that highlights all the best SEO practices. It also gives users the leverage to set indexable pages and the way a website will be shown when search results are displayed on a search engine. This is done through structured data.

Another great thing about Rank Math is that it comes without any charges, meaning that anyone who intends to make use of its basic functions can do so quite easily.  Of course, its functions are limited in the free version, but the software offers you reduced pricing of $59 for a year if you are a professional. For business, the pricing has also been reduced and is now $199. For any large-scale digital agency, the pricing of $499 has been fixed so that multiple users can benefit from it.

Main features of Rank Math

  • Click-through rate boost is available along with tracks of click-through rates (CTR)
  • High control over Google listing is able to put the website or page in the first few pages with ease
  • A detailed view of all the websites a user operates gives its user a quick rundown of everything that is going smoothly and anything that needs to be resolved
  • Detection of broken links and then fixing those links
  • When using, you get easier markup. This markup is one of the key factors in SEO as this HTML is responsible for suggesting your website in the search result and the way it will be presented
  • Ranking tracker
  • Keeps you informed about social media trends
  • Tells you about the top winning keywords and the top losing keywords
  • Gives you a report for clicks, impressions, position and overall website traffic

Pros and cons

Easy to use
Intuitive user interface
Quick SEO setup
Great site audit
High cost of agency-level plugin

Price table

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AISEO (All In One SEO)

If you’re a WordPress user, then you’re probably familiar with Yoast SEO. But did you know about All in One SEO? AIOSEO is a popular SEO plugin that has been around for a while. It’s an SEO plugin that helps you optimize your website within 10 minutes for the search engines. It has too much to offer to SEO experts, and one cannot resist himself by not using this plugin.

With AIOSEO, you can easily optimize WordPress SEO without any coding knowledge. This is among the best beginner-friendly plugins creating automatic SEO for web blogging that anyone can use. It’s a perfect solution for anyone who wants to improve local SEO and rank higher on Google Maps. It also supports schema markup so you can get more clicks and traffic with rich snippets, which will bring you even more customers! So if you’re not using AIOSEO, you’re losing out big time!

Main features

  • Comes with its Own Built-in API.
  • Generates Meta Tags by Default.
  • SEO Audit Checklist
  • Rich Snippets Schema
  • Supports XML Sitemaps.

Pros and cons

Easy Setup Wizard
Access to features in the free version
Easy to edit the title & description.
No content analysis or SEO scoring
Complex navigation

Price table

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This tool is made for people who want to get high amounts of traffic on their website, but also for building custom HTML and XML sitemaps. SEOPress is also responsible for improving social sharing and adding schemas as well as Google Structured data types. It also comes with features such as keyword research and speed optimization; all of which contribute to a great search engine ranking for any website.

With SEOPress, one can be assured that their site will be seen in the top results in a very short time without causing too much financial burden for any user as it comes with a decently priced plan. Furthermore, unlike many other plugins, it does not cause a huge strain on your system and your computer will function lag-free while SEOPress is running. The plugin is easy even for a newbie who is just getting the hang of SEO or someone who has an established website with large amounts of traffic.

Main features of SEOPress

  • Easy to export and import metadata with SEOPress to and from a CSV file
  • Provides a complete Video XML sitemap to give you great rankings on video search results
  • It disables any indexing on card, in order to protect consumer information
  • Provides Google Suggestions that can be useful in creating better content for
  • Comes with a Google Analytics Stats Dashboard
  • Provides local SEO data to boost local businesses, even if it is on Google Maps, while also providing WooCommerce coverage
  • The plugin is also able to identify the site performance on different devices such as mobile, desktop, tablet, and Core Web Vitals

Pros and cons

Unlimited number of websites
Pro version has all options available
Unlimited target keywords
Difficult configuration as compared to other plugins

Price table

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As a conclusion…

These are the top three plugins that are used in the SEO industry normally. Of course, each plugin, as presented in this article, will have their pros and cons, but as an SEO expert it will be your job to figure out which of these cons can you accept and which pros will suit you the most. For the most part, all these plugins have great features that you can even use free, and then decide later on which one you plan on continuing with.

Frequently asked questions

I hope you will be able to boost your rankings with one of the tools above. If you want to share your feedback, please drop me a line in the comments section below.

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