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  • Hourly or fixed price
  • Millions of freelancers
  • Time tracker
  • Desktop app


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  • Ease of use
  • Huge catalog
  • Fast delivery
  • Pro certified


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  • Pre-screened candidates
  • High quality service
  • Best for long-term contract
  • Top talent only
The objective here is not to show the freelance platforms now available, but to go straight to the most efficient. This way you can save your time and take "the best" for your online business. If you find any information to update, let me know in the comment box below this page.

36-40% of America’s workforce are freelancers and they are becoming more and more indispensable. As a business, finding a reliable website to have competent freelancers can be a daunting task. As your business grows, there comes the need to get people who can assist you get to your desired goals, achieve more and stay relevant in the market. Freelancers can help you get there and even more, but where do you find them?

From unemployed people to those seeking for side jobs, freelancers are key in providing quality work and efficient delivery for your smooth business operations.

In this article we present to you the top best 3 websites where you can find freelancers who will never let you down in the tasks given to them. We provide information on how these websites function, their features, and for each discuss what makes them great (the pros) and their downside (cons).

More details about each freelance platform

Upwork : Find and manage freelances all around the world

Founded in 2015, Upwork Global Inc. is a global platform that harbors and links clients and freelancers from every corner of the world. The American freelancing platform specializes mostly on domains like brand marketing, web design, customer service, software development and programming, and accounting.

On the website, freelancers can sell their services while accessing the job board where there are a plethora jobs posted by clients from which they can get hired. To get hired, freelancers create a profile that consists of details about themselves, their expertise and work experiences. They set an hourly rate, create at least 6 connections (which cost $0.15 per “connect”).

Whenever freelancers pitch a project or search and apply for jobs, clients go through their profiles to determine their qualification for the role and decide whether to reach out to the freelancer or not. When the project is completed, clients pay via Upwork’s payment system which is linked with your bank account. Apart from the multiple available ways clients and freelancers can connect, there are equally different payment and withdrawal options to choose from, which include PayPal, direct and wire transfer.

It is free to join and with the upgraded version, freelancers can stand out by marketing their services and submit proposals in addition to applying for jobs. The website is easy to navigate for both clients and freelancers with enough resources to assist the afore and latter benefit enormously from the platform.

Additional features of Upwork include :

  • It has project management tools
  • Has job listing where freelancers can make a plethora of choices
  • Has advanced research option to enable you have more and precise information about an offer
  • Easy customization
  • Has built-in communication and collaboration options

Pros and cons

– Payments are easy and protected, and so are clients’ and freelancers’ data and privacy
– There are budget-based projects and they are highly paying than other websites
– Reliable and credible clients
– It has a 4.9/5 rating by clients on professional work
– Clients can only pay for the work they approve, that is, after interviewing potential talents and discussing rates.
– The selection process is quite lengthy and it is not that easy to find your first client, and this can be frustrating.
– Service fee is comparatively high: companies pay 20% for even smaller projects, and there are charges for submitting projects and a percentage is cut off in your total billings.

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Fiverr : Pick the task you want to achieve

Fiverr is one of the most used online market websites that bring together clients and freelancers for categories such as graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video editing and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, data analysis, storage and management, business management and lifestyle. The platform has around 11 million active companies (buyers), not leaving out freelancers (sellers) and digital agencies that offer their services (gigs). And it is very easy to create a profile

The particularity of Fiverr is that clients must not post jobs for freelancers to apply. Finding a gig is simply by refining the results on the website according to what you have in mind that aligns with your job description. Upon creation of an account, you can easily decide whether you are a seller, buyer, post a request, including clear instruction on how to navigate your way in achieving your gloas on the website.

Companies are charged a service fee $2 for gigs less than the amount of $40 and when it is above $40, the commission is 5%. On the other hand, freelancers are charged a 20% commission for every gig. With a dedicated 24/7 customer service help desk at everyone’s disposal, payment clearances are processed faster and in 7 seven days compared to others in 14 days.

Fiverr additional features :

  • Supports multiple currencies,
  • Have several categories for jobs,
  • Great feedback and ratings mechanism
  • Has custom-made offers just for you
  • Buyers (clients) have good search exposure
  • Provide assistance for starters

Pros and cons

– Comparatively affordable with its pricing model as this favors companies on a budget
– The clients search and identify freelancers’ projects easily
– Supports multiple currencies (about 23) and it is secure
– Have a great feedback mechanism wherewith you know how companies and sellers are doing based on their reputation on the platform.
– There are no hourly rates and it just has project-based pricing
You can get an extra $100 by referring others to join the platform.
-Too much competition and possible scam
– It seeks high commissions, which means low income for freelancers
– They can raise their rates for work as much as they want even in your disapproval.

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Toptal : To aim at the best freelancers easily

Toptal is a talent search solution for large and small companies around the world. Since 2010 upon creation, its peculiarity has been providing and recruiting elite independent contractors that meet the standards of organizations in need. The most in-demand talents at Toptal are IOS developers, front-end developers, UX designers, financial modeling consultancy, interim CFOs, digital project manager and AWS expert. Apart from providing privacy jobs, clients also find project managers as it is considered a platform for finding top professionals.

For clients to get a freelancer on Toptal, the have to signup, fill out a survey where they give details about their company, the project they intend hiring for and the requirements of the perfect candidate. They are further assisted by experts from the Toptal team who fine-tune the needs, and within 24 hours, find the candidate that meets 90% of the profile needed.

The freelancers before being accepted into the platform go through 5 steps of Toptal’s vetting process that includes; language and personality, skill review, live screening, test projects and evaluation of communications skills or competences.

Additional features of Toptal include :

  • Supports web-based devices
  • Verified and approved freelancers
  • Privacy and identity protection
  • Provide a status report on your requests
  • They find the right match between freelancers and clients
  • Clients are enterprises and medium businesses

Pros and cons

– Compared to typical employment timeline, it takes 0-3 weeks for clients to find the desired talent.
– It offers topnotch experts who work with very little supervision, are innovative and have extensive experience and knowledge.
– No recruiting fee
– They guarantee a 90% match with candidates they offer because of a rigorous and uncompromising vetting process that only keeps the best.
– Very high quality service guarantee with very low failure rate
– Candidates are pre-screened and when it comes to terminations, there are no costs.
– With an hourly rate of $100+, small companies may not afford to hire the talents on the platform.
– Most suitable for larger companies or projects, if not, clients may be spending a lot on highly qualified experts who will only be there for short-term.
Irrespective of talent’s top qualifications, there are all freelancers, and so do not have job security.


We have clearly seen that each of the above three have what makes them unique and all have gained the trust and admiration of clients as well as freelancers. While Upwork is known to house almost everyone and is quite affordable, Fiverr is known for its flexibility in payment methods and for making people earn some commissions for inviting others on the platform. Not leaving out Toptal that is best known for their rigorous freelancer selection process and for implicating themselves on ensuring clients only get well competent recruits even though it may cost them.

These three websites are great platforms to find the most competent freelancers in every domain and expect a quality results.

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